XK98 - Companion Kit

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The XK98 Companion Kit is designed to complement the book Beginning Data Science, IoT and AI on Single Board Computers, authoured by XinaBox COO and self-proclaimed micro:bit expert Philip Meitiner.

The book uses a small set of hardware to take  the reader on a data science journey: the BBC micro:bit acts as a microprocessor and XinaBox peripherals are added to build a variety of digital instruments.  As the book explains, assembling hardware and coding the instruments are not the focus of the journey: this mix of kit is arguably the simplest way to build the instruments required to complement the narrative.

The BBC micro:bit and the book are NOT included in this kit, but it includes everything else you need to build the instruments and undertake the activities / experiments.  And for the more adventurous readers, why not take a look at our range of cores: you could upgrade the microprocessor and keep the same xChips ;)

This kit includes:

With or without the book this kit is a great stand-alone companion for the BBC micro:bit: an upgraded version of our XK05 IoT Kit for micro:bit.  We will be selling a version of this kit that includes the book: the XK99 (coming soon).  Watch out for this, but in the meantime the book can be bought at all the main book sellers.