XK91 - CubeSat kit of XinaBox kits

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This kit of kits has been custom developed for schools and universities to build CubeSats, based on the CubeSat hardware and software standards.

XinaBox supplies all the coding libraries and tutorials for the kits and components, facilitating ease of CubeSat project delivery.

Schools can customise their kit by selecting from primary XinaBox kits, and can add components at any stage as they come onto the market. 

This XK91 CubeSat kit of kits includes:

1 x kit selected from XK01 Starter kit, XK10 IoT Starter kit 1, XK11 IoT Starter kit 2, 

1 x Kit selected from XK07 Environment kit, XK52 IoT Core kit 1, XK53 IoT Core kit 2

2 x XK90 CubeSat layer kits

Once the order is placed, we will engage directly to configure the kit to suit the choices made. We will also send through links to all lesson and support material. 

This video explains the use of the kit https://youtu.be/Z6hUoMEkjTk