XK90 - CubeSat XinaBox Kit

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This CubeSat kit is available from MaxIQ.space, should we not have stock in your country.

With the XK90 CubeSat kit you can build a satellite. A REAL satellite that complies with the CubeSat format. A satellite that you COULD put on a rocket and launch into orbit.

We did just that in 2019: over 40 small satellites, built with XinaBox tech, spent up to 9 days in Extreme Low Earth Orbit (up to 250km) measuring and reporting on key metrics. With the knowledge and experience we gained from this adventure, and from our broader space program, we have put together a kit with which it is possible for someone with no engineering background or knowledge to build a space-ready satellite in less than an hour.

We are proud to introduce the XK90 CubeSat kit.

And we are very proud to be partners with the US Department of Education on the CTE CubeSat Mission, in which the XK90 kit plays a key role.

Everything you need to get started with the XK90 is available from this webpage.  In addition, XinaBox have delivered a number of CTE workshops that explore the XK90 and related topics.  These workshops are available from this page as YouTube videos.

 With the XK90 CubeSat Kit you can build a full CubeSat...

  • with all the convenience of xChips - no soldering, wiring, breadboarding or lab equipment needed
  • requiring no electronics or hardware knowledge
  • providing a much cheaper and more accessible way of building a CubeSat (our kit costs $499.95!)
  • with easy availability, allowing you to avoid long lead times

Your kit can be extended with hardware and software development, the Extension Kits.

Kit contents:

Flight Station:

Ground station:

How it works:

Everything you need to know about the XK90 is available from this webpage