XK88 - Wifi Weather Station

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The Wifi Weather Station has been created specially for the participants of the STEM/STEAM Georgia gathering in 2018. This kit’s components will collect, transfer and process data collected in the local environment:

  • SL01 - A set of light sensors to measure visible light (lux), Ultra-Violet A and Ultra-Violet B. Using this data the one can calculate the UV-Index,
  • SW01- Weather sensor reading ambient temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. From these three data asset one can calculate dew point and cloud base,
  • CW01 – wifi connectivity, 4Mb memory and central processing unit,
  • IP01 – USB programming to transfer your code to the weather station and USB power,
  • XC10 - xBus connectors

The cost of this kit is US$90,00 and included in this price is a $20,00 donation to the Mission 3D STEM program, managed by the Hines Family Foundation.