XK50 - Arduino Pro/Pro Mini Kit

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This kit is designed to work seamlessly with Arduino. It uses our CC01 core, which is based on the ATmega328P from Microchip Technology Inc. The ATmega328P is the same architecture as Arduino Pro/Pro Mini, allowing users to program in the Arduino IDE and other IDEs supporting the Arduino Uno, such as PlatformIO and Mbed.

Kit contents
1 x CC01 - Arduino Pro/Pro Mini (ATmega328P)
1 x IP01 - USB Programming Interface (FT232R)
1 x OC05 - Servo Driver (PCA9685 & BU33SD5)
1 x OD01 - OLED Display 128x64 (SSD1306)
1 x PB02 - Coin Battery Power Pack
1 x SL01 - UVA, UVB, Light (VEML6075 & TSL4531)
1 x SL06 - Gesture (APDS-9960)
1 x XC10 - 10-Pack xBUS Connectors