XK32 - Covid-19 Fever or Virus monitoring instrument

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The XK32 utilises the XinaBox SL19 Infrared sensor to detect elevated body temperatures, upon scanning.

Comprising four xChips, this kit can be supplied pre-flashed with Arduino code from South Africa. Alternatively, students, teachers and concerned citizens may purchase the kit and load the sample code supplied by XinaBox.

A video guide can be found here.

Discounts are available for non-profit organisations and underprivileged schools. Please contact Judi on js@xinabox.cc to see of your organisation qualifies.

Kit contents
1 x CW01-XK - Wi-Fi Core (ESP8266/ESP-12F)
1 x IP01 - USB Programming Interface (FT232R)
1 x OD01 - OLED Display 128x64 (SSD1306)
1 x SL19 - IR Temperature (MLX90614)
1 x XC10 - 10-Pack xBUS Connectors

The photos may show another core, CC03, yet this application can run on all XinaBox cores, with all the power solutions.