XK07 or XK90 Software Extension Kit

$125.00 USD

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The Software Extension Kit:

This Software extension kit requires no additional equipment than that provided with the XK07 and XK90 kits. This kit consists of the following xChips:

  • IR01: Raspberry Pi Interface, this interface is larger than the BR01: Raspberry Pi Bridge, as it allows interfacing to the xPDI interface xChips using that. You can for example add own bootloader to the CS11 or the CC01 (added in this kit). Because of the way the interface is inserted, it will also work with Google’s new AI Corel board, which uses the same pinout as Raspberry Pi. The interface is compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi and all other single board computers, using the Raspberry Pi pinouts.
  • BB01: BeagleBoneBlack Bridge, this bridge allows you to connect all your xChip to a BeagleBoneBlack or any BeagleBone with a P9 expansion header. The bridge fits from pin 1 on the P9 header, and allows I2C and UART communication between xChips and BeagleBone.
  • IP02: Dual Programmer, this programmer can be used to program all programmable xChips (CW01, CW02, CC01, CC03, CS11, CR01, CR02 and CR03). The programmer has a switch A/B. Position B is of CC03 and CS11, position B for all other xChips. The Programmer also has a UART swap switch allowing a user to get for example SN01 GPS data directly to a computer without using a core. You can now program your CS11 in MakeCode, CircuitPython and/or Arduino.
  • CC01: Arduino Uno (ATMEGA328P). This core is based on the exact same MCU as the Arduino Uno or Arduino Mini, it runs 16 MHz like the Arduino Mini.
  • PB02: Coin cell Battery. This allows a more compact setup using the popular CR2023 coin cell battery. The battery naturally provides less power than USB powered solutions or the PB04, but for solutions that wake up periodically, makes a measurement, stores or forwards it, and then go back to sleep, the coin cell will provide power for quite some time.
  • SG34: Heart Rate Sensor. This sensor is originally a particle sensor, but the chip manufacture cannot provide the source code or datasheet. However, the lot of other code is available for the sensor, for example using the sensor as a heart beat monitor.
  • SH01: 4 Button Input. This sensor provides and capacitive touch interface with 4 PlayStation style buttons, this allows the you to do a user input to your project.
  • MD01: Spacer, just a blank xChip that allows you to make sure your project forms a perfect rectangle, and therefore have at least two connectors to each xChip, increasing the stability and redundancy to your circuit.
  • 2 packs of XC10 connectors
  • 1 pack of XS02 connectors

Also see the Hardware Extension Kit.