XK07 or XK90 Hardware Extension Kit

$125.00 USD

5-10 Days Worldwide Delivery

This hardware kit allows you to interface to non-XinaBox sensors, power sources, switches, etc. You would probably need to a have a small flathead screwdriver nearby, and possibly also a solder station. The kit consists of these xChips:

  • IX01: 0.1" (2.54mm) Breadboard Expansion, which you can click into a standard breadboard and then use other sensors, LEDs, switches, etc. to interface with your xChips. Soldering required.
  • SX01: Universal ADC, this 8-bit ADC allows you to build an external analog circuit and connect it to your xChips. Flathead screwdriver needed.
  • SU02: Digital Input, use this for a single input, like a switch or pushbutton. Flathead screwdriver needed.
  • OC01: Burn wire Module. This is a 4 channel GPIO extension, where we have allocated 3 pins for MOSFET powered output, for example burning a nichrome wire, and 1 as a generic input. Soldering could be required. Flathead screwdriver needed.
  • BR03: Raspberry Pi Zero Bridge. While you can use other Raspberry Pi bridges and interfaces with your RasPi Zero, this one is specifically for the header less RasPi Zero, and comes with a header. Soldering is necessary to use this bridge.
  • SG03: Alcohol Sensor. This is an alcohol sensor, and will possibly also work on other similar volatile vapors. This sensor is fed into an ADC and gives an 8-bit value (0-255) indicating the strength of the alcohol. This sensor unlike almost all other xChip sensors, is uncalibrated.
  • PG01: Generic Power Supply. This allows you to use (almost) any power supply to feed your xChip circuit. The screw terminal allows you to insert any DC power (5-24 volt) and is reverse polarity protected, meaning you can insert the plus and minus in any of the screw terminals. Great for car batteries, existing power at the gate/garage/pond/etc.. Flathead screwdriver needed
  • 1 pack of XC10 connectors

See also the Software Extension Kit and the Full Extension Kit.