XK07A - High Altitude Balloon Mission Add On kit

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The standard XK07 kit is very useful when communicating data over short distances. When considering a mission where the difference between the flight station and the ground station will be more than a few kilometres or miles, we recommend this add on kit.

The radios to be used are the 433MHz RL01 units, with matching antennas.

We recommend that you use the latest sample software from our GitHub site, and for this you will need the CS11 SD card xChip. We've developed a template dashboard on Kibana, if you wish to use this please mail js@xinabox.c

This add on kit comprises:

  • 2 x RL01
  • 2 x 433MHz SMA Male Plug Horn Antenna
  • 1 x CS11

Important: You may require a licensed radio amateur to be on your team, depending on local requirements.