XK03 - STEM Raspberry Pi Kit

XK03 - STEM Raspberry Pi Kit

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The STEM Raspberry Pi Kit consist of the following:

  • 1 x BR01 - Raspberry Pi Bridge
  • 1 x OD01 - OLED Display 128x64
  • 1 x SG33 - VOC and eCO2 Sensor
  • 1 x SH01 - Capacitive Touch
  • 1 x SL06 - Gesture Sensor
  • 1 x SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor
  • 1 x XC10 - 10-Pack xBUS Connectors


BR01 - Raspberry Pi Bridge

This ☒CHIP is designed to interface with all Raspberry Pi modules. This provides an interface to support the ☒CHIP ecosystem, adding support for many additional sensors etc.

OD01 - OLED Display 128x64

This ☒CHIP forms part of the output modules and is equipped with an OLED display unit that is capable of displaying any graphics or text. Very useful as a sensor data display.

SG33 - VOC and eCO2 Sensor

This ☒CHIP is equipped to sense a variety of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This ☒CHIP is based on the CCS811 which is an ultra-low power digital gas sensor which integrates a metal oxide (MOX) gas sensor to detect a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), for indoor air quality monitoring, a micro-controller unit (MCU), and an I2C interface.

CCS811 is based on ams unique micro-hotplate technology which enables a highly reliable solution for gas sensors, very fast cycle times and a significant reduction in average power consumption. The integrated MCU manages the sensor drive modes and raw sensor data measured while detecting VOCs. The I2C digital interface significantly simplifies the hardware and software design, enabling a faster time to market. CCS811 supports intelligent algorithms to process raw sensor measurements to output a TVOC value or equivalent CO2 (eCO2) levels, where the main cause of VOCs is from humans. CCS811 supports multiple measurement modes that have been optimized for low-power consumption during an active sensor measurement and idle mode extending battery life in portable applications.

SH01 - Capacitive Touch

This ☒CHIP is based on the CAP1296 which is a multiple channel capacitive touch sensor controller. Each sensor input is calibrated to compensate for system parasitic capacitance and automatically recalibrated to compensate for gradual environmental changes. In addition, the CAP1296 can be configured to detect proximity on one or more channels with an optional signal guard to reduce noise sensitivity. The CAP1296 includes Multiple Pattern Touch recognition that allows the user to select a specific set of buttons to be touched simultaneously. If this pattern is detected, a status bit is set and an interrupt is generated.

SL06 - Gesture Sensor

This ☒CHIP features advanced Gesture detection, Proximity detection, Digital Ambient Light Sense (ALS) and Color Sense (RGBC).

SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor

This weather sensor xCHIP is equipped with a weather sensor that is capable of measuring the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

The humidity sensor provides an extremely fast responce time for fast context awareness application and high overall accuracy over a wide temperature range.

The pressure sensor is an absolute barometric pressure sensor with extremely high accuracy and resolution.

The integrated temperature sensor has been optimized for lowest noise and highest resolution. Its output is used for temperature compensation of the pressure and humidity sensors and can also be used for estimation of the ambient temperature.

XC10 - 10-Pack xBUS Connectors


The Raspberry Pi is not included

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