SL07 - Passive InfraRed Sensor (PIR)

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Product Highlight

  • Calibration data for ambient and object temperature sensing.
  • Interrupt function for presence, motion, over-temperature.
  • Passive Infrared Sensor.


This xCHIP is equipped to measure infrared light (IR) radiating from objects in its field of view. SL07 is based on the TPIS 1S 1385 passive infrared (PIR) sensor.

It features a wide field of view and a low power consumption. The technology of a high sensitive thermopile combined with a smart data treatment allows for much more than the traditional temperature measurement of remote objects. Once configured via the I2C interface an interrupt output can be used to monitor motion, presence or an over-temperature of remote objects. One typical application are very thin battery operated devices which have to be waked-up only when presence of a human has been discovered in a small distance of up to 3 m. The whole device can be designed very thin since no optical components such as Fresnel-lenses are required for that application.


  • Based on TPiS 1S 1385.
  • High sensitivity thermopile with 120◦ field-of-view.
  • I2C interface, hardware configurable address.
  • Calibration data for ambient and object temperature sensing.
  • Serial Clock Input: The I2C clock input for the data line. Up to 400 kHz are possible. The host must support clock stretching.
  • Operating Temperature −20 - 85◦C.