SG35 - Advanced Particle Sensor (PMS7003)

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The SG35 Advanced Particle Sensor incorporates the PMS7003 particle detector, which uses laser scattering to measure particles with a diameter as small as 1nm:

  • nm, or nanometer, is an SI measure of distance: one billionth of a metre. 
  • A very, very fine piece of sand will be about 125,000nm whilst particles in the spray from a deodorant can are around 5000nm. 
  • The primary particles of dust are typically around 10nm.

This heavy-duty sensor also incorporates a fan, which generates a flow of air into the measuring chambers.  This helps to sample an area around the sensor whilst ensuring the sensor is responsive to changes in the environment.

Product Highlights:

The SG35 is a universal particle concentration sensor that measures the volume of suspended particles in the air.  It is capable of measuring particles of 3 different mean diameters:

  • 25nm
  • 10nm
  • 1nm


  • Measuring air-quality.
  • Identifying sources of polluting air.