SDG-03 Challenge Kit

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XinaBox has launched a challenge to schools relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 "Good Health and Well-being".

The aim is to understand our bodies, and how the environment around us impacts health.

Challenge - Design and implement a project that demonstrates how indoor air quality impacts our health and well-being. The project should monitor and analyse data associated with air quality as well as indicators of well-being.

The kit for this challenge comprises:

  • SW02 - XinaBox sensor for temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide
  • CW01 - Core CPU xChip running the Arduino code developed for this challenge, or can be coded in multiple languages. This xChip is wifi-enabled to connect to the internet and a host of digital dashboard options
  • IP02 for USB power and programming interface
  • OD01 - OLED display for monitoring data directly
  • XC10 - pack of connectors

This kit comes with online access to digital resources, and automatic participation in the challenge.

Challenge closes at UTC 12pm, 31st January 2020.

The top 5 submissions will be awarded prizes, including participation in a related symposium, a video feature on the school and the project for media global distribution, XinaBox kits, and STEMI event vouchers.