PL02 - 3.7v LiPo Battery Power Supply Solar (MCP73831, PAM2305 & XC9141)

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This xCHIP charges a 3.7v LiPo battery via power input from a Micro USB power source. Unless connected to this Micro USB power source, the circuit draws power from the LiPo battery and supply the xBUS with power.

The on-board MCP73831 LiPo battery charging IC offers a simple and efficient battery charging solution with various features, such as Auto Off, Cell Preconditioning, Cell Temperature Monitoring, Reverse Polarity Protection, Status Indication and Under Voltage Protection/Brown-Out. It is capable of charging the battery at a rate up to a maximum of 500 mA.

The equipped PAM2305 is a step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. At heavy load, the constant frequency PWM control performs with excellent stability and transient response. To ensure the longest battery life in portable applications, the PAM2305 provides a power-saving Pulse Skipping Modulation (PSM) mode to reduce quiescent current under light load operation to save power.

The XC9141 series used for input conversion from the solar panels is a synchronous step-up DC/DC converters which can supply a highly efficient and stable current up to 0.8 A. The series is able to start operation with inputs as low as 0.9 V which makes it ideally suited for small solar applications.

Product Highlights

  • Solar Panel Charging Support on VIN ☒BUS
  • 1 A Continuous Output Current
  • Micro USB Charging
  • LED Charging Status Indicator
  • 500 mA Battery Charging Capacity
  • Supports Various 3.7V LiPo Batteries via 2.54 mm Pitch Solder Points
  • Charging Auto Off
  • Cell Preconditioning
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out



  • 500 mA Continuous Battery Charging Current
  • Auto Off
  • Cell Preconditioning
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Status Indication
  • Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out


  • Efficiency up to 96%
  • Only 40µA(typ) Quiescent Current
  • Output Current: Up to 1A
  • Internal Synchronous Rectifier
  • 1.5MHz Switching Frequency
  • Soft Start
  • Under-Voltage Lockout
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown


  • Oscillation Frequency : 1.2MHz
  • Input Current : 0.8A
  • Output Current : 350mA
  • Protection Circuits:
    1. Over-current limit
    2. Output short-circuit protection
  • Functions:
    1. Soft-start
    2. Load Disconnection Function
    3. Auto Discharge Function


MCP73831 Datasheet

PAM2305 Datasheet

XC9141 Datasheet