OL03 - RGB Light Strip

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Product highlights

  • 4 Output Channels for RGBW Light Strip Control
  • 4 A Continuous Current Output per Channel
  • 5 - 24V Wide input voltage range
  • +/- 2% output tolerance
  • 1MHz +/- 10% fixed switching frequency
  • Continuous output current: 1A


This xCHIP is based on the FAN5702 PWM controller, a configurable LED driver with I2C control. The device can drive up to 4 channels at 4 A each using IRLML2502 MOSFETs to provide control over RGBW strip lighting. The xCHIP also features a TS30011 synchronous buck convertor which offer wide DC input range power supply for powering the system and connected xCHIPS.

The TS30013 is a DC/DC synchronous switching regulator with fully integrated power switches, internal compensation, and full fault protection. The TS30013 utilizes current mode feedback in normal regulation PWM mode. When the regulator is placed in standby, the device draws less than 10uA quiescent current. The TS30013 integrates a wide range of protection circuitry including input supply under-voltage lockout, output voltage soft start, current limit, and thermal shutdown.



  • >600:1 Dimming Ratio for 100 Hz PWM Frequency
  • Logarithmically Controlled Dimming with 64 Steps
  • Secondary Brightness Control Using PWM Dimming up to 20 kHz in COnjunction with I2C Dimming
    • Dynamic Backlight Control (DBC) to Reduce Current Consumption
  • Up to 92% Efficiency
  • 1.2 MHz Switching Frequency


  • +/- 2% output tolerance
  • 5 - 24V Wide input voltage range
  • 1MHz +/- 10% fixed switching frequency
  • Continuous output current: 1A
  • High efficiency – up to 95%
  • Current mode PWM control with PFM mode for improved light load efficiency
  • Input supply under voltage lockout
  • Soft start for controlled startup with no overshoot
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit with frequency foldback
  • Full protection for over-temperature and VOUT over-voltage
  • Less than 10uA in standby mode


  • Max Voltage: 20 V
  • Continuous Drain Current: 4.2 A
  • Pulsed Drain Current: 33 A
  • Static Drain-Source On-Resistance: 50 mΩ