IX03 - UART to xBUS breakout (SC16IS750IBS)

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This xCHIP is based on the SC16IS750IBS chipset, which is SC16IS750 is a slave I2C-bus/SPI interface to a single-channel high performance UART. IX03 is a UART to xBUS breakout designed for breadboarding with UART and I2C devices. The SC16IS750 supports SPI clock speeds up to 4 Mbit/s and has programmable I/O pins. The SC16IS740/750/760’s internal register set is backward-compatible with the widely used and widely popular 16C450. This allows the software to be easily written or ported from another platform.

Product Highlights

  • Based on SC16IS750IBS from NXP Semiconductors


  • Baud rates up to 5 Mbit/s in 16 clock mode
  • Auto hardware flow control using RTS/CTS
  • Auto software flow control with programmable Xon/Xoff characters
  • Single or double Xon/Xoff characters
  • Automatic RS-485 support (automatic slave address detection)
  • Single full-duplex UART
  • Selectable I2C-bus or SPI interface
  • Industrial temperature range: 40 C to +95 C
  • 64 bytes FIFO (transmitter and receiver)


SC16IS740 Datasheet