IM01 - micro:bit Interface

$13.95 USD

5-10 Days Worldwide Delivery

The IM01 xChip interface allows you to connect xChips with the BBC micro:bit. It provides:

  • I2C Interface to xChips
  • UART/Serial interface to our CW01 WiFi module, allowing you to connect your micro:bit to the cloud.
  • SD Card Interface allowing you to read and write data to a SD card from the Micro:Bit.
  • Blue/Green LED allowing you to show status updates without using the 25 Red LEDs on the micro:bit.
  • USB Power up to 1000 mA allowing to power heavy circuits, especially WiFi based circuits, which are notorious power hungry.
  • Power LED indicating that your IM01 is on, and if inserted, if your Micro:Bit is on.
  • xPDI interface allowing you to program other core xChips, such as CC03, CS11, CW03, and more, using just your IM01.

Also have a look at our free enclosure designer,, which now allows you to make an enclosure for you IM01 + Micro:Bit.