XK92 - Quest for Space Mission Kit

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In February 2020, XinaBox and Quest for Space launched experiments in multiple remote environments. The data from the XinaBox payload is collected on a SD card, to be accessed once the experiments return to base after some weeks.

XinaBox is inviting students to participate by developing and running mirror kits at home, collecting and analysing data to be compared with the data set on the SD card from multiple remote sites.

Note - This challenge is not fully plug-and-play. Students will be required to transfer the pre-developed code for the operation of their kit, or develop code with supporting code libraries for all components from XinaBox.

The xChips in the XK92 include those in the remote experiment, as well as a Wi-Fi and BLE core for server connectivity, SD card interface for identical data connection, as well as a GPS unit. This kit is useful way beyond the scope of the Quest XinaBox missions, and can be used for multiple experiments for the whole year.

Kit contents

1 x CW02 - Wi-Fi & BLE Core (ESP-WROOM-32)
1 x CS11 - Core with SD Card Interface (ATSAMD21G18)
1 x SW02 - VOC and Weather and Air Quality Sensor (BME680)
1 x SW03 - Weather Sensor (MPL3115A2)
1 x SG33 - VOC & eCO2 (CCS811)
1 x SG34 - Particle Sensor (MAX30105)
1 x SI01 - IMU 9DoF (LSM9DS1)
1 x SN01 - GNSS (GPS) (NEO-6M)
1 x IP02 - Advanced USB Programming Interface (FT232R)
2 x XC10 - 10-Pack xBUS Connectors
1 x XS02 - 2 pack of xPDI XinaBox Connectors
Support, collaboration, content and data

How it works
Once delivered, schools and engineering clubs are encouraged to join the XinaBox community. Arduino libraries are available for code development, and teams will collaborate globally on this project. XinaBox provides unlimited access to a free data dashboard and MQTT server to send data to the cloud for collection, analysis and interpretation.

The purchase of this kit includes workshop content, collaboration facilitation, and access to data collected on missions.