SL20 - IR 16x4 Temperature Array (MLX90621)

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This SL20 is based on the MLX90621 which is a 16X4 array and 64 infrared radiation pixels which measures temperature as a function of radiation.

The MLX90621 is a fully calibrated 16x4 pixels IR array. It contains 2 chips in one package: the MLX90670 (IR array with signal conditioning electronics) and the 24AA02 (256x8 EEPROM) chip. The MLX90621 contains 64 IR pixels with dedicated low noise chopper stabilized amplifier and fast ADC integrated. A PTAT (Proportional To Absolute Temperature) sensor is integrated to measure the ambient temperature of the chip. The outputs of both IR and PTAT sensors are stored in internal RAM and are accessible through I2C.

Product Highlight

  • 16x4 IR array


  • Identifying thermal leaks in homes
  • Thermal scanners
  • Security / safety gates
  • Intrusion / Movement detection;
  • Presence detection / Person localization


  • Based on MLX90621
  • Factory calibrated infrared temperature measurement. Calibration parameters stored in EEPROM.
  • Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) 0.20 K RMS @ 4 Hz refresh rate
  • I2C compatible digital interface
  • Programmable frame rate 0.5 H - 512 Hz
  • 3 FOV - 40°x10°, 60°x16° and 120°x25°
  • Ta -40°C to 85°C
  • To -20°C to 300°C


MLX90621 Datasheet

AP2127 Datasheet