We are delighted to partner with Zerynth to deliver a revolutionary Internet of Things offering, which dramatically simplifies building electronic devices. By combining modular electronics with an ecosystem of software tools in Python, we aim to dramatically cut development time, speed to market, and costs.

This page contains:

  1. Libraries
  2. Zerynth Starter FreeRTOS: license for CW02
  3. Tutorials and Projects

1. Libraries

We currently support Zerynth users with libraries for the following xChips:

Please note interface (IPxx) and power (Pxxx) xChip ranges don't require libraries.

2. Zerynth Starter FreeRTOS license for CW02

Users need one license per CW02 core. A license comes with the XK12 kit, or you can buy it from us or Zerynth.

To activate the onboard Zerynth license, insert the code provided in Zerynth Studio during the registration phase of the device. More info at: https://docs.zerynth.com/latest/official/board.zerynth.xinabox_esp32/docs/index.html

Users who need licenses for Premium Zerynth Virtual Machines can buy them on Zerynth's store https://store.zerynth.com/. In particular, Premium Zerynth Virtual Machines available for XinaBox are:

  • "Firmware Over the Air update (FOTA)" version, that allows end-user to update the firmware remotely and “over the air”.
  • "Secure Firmware" version, that allows to detect and recover from malfunctions.

Please see https://www.zerynth.com/get-started/#licensing for further details.  

3. Check out these tutorials to get you making devices in minutes:

Getting Started with Zerynth on XinaBox – Blinking an LED using Python

Controlling the relay of XinaBox OC03 using Python and Zerynth Studio

Build and code a temperature controlled desk fan in just 15 minutes!