XK90 CubeSat - CTE Workshops

As part of our partnership with the US Department of Education on the CTE CubeSat Mission, XinaBox delivered a series of virtual workshops.  These were recorded and are linked to below.

The workshops cover a broad range of topics, all of which relate to space science.  The focus of the workshops is the XK90 CubeSat kit, but anyone who is interested in space and finding out more about how to get small format satellites into orbit will find the sessions rewarding. 

You can learn how to use the XK90 kit by following these guidelines; the workshop videos contain a deep and rich vein of extension and supplementary information that will ensure you get the most out of your XK90.

There are five 1-hour sessions, which are best viewed in order.  Videos of the sessions are listed below, and more details can be found on this page.

Session 1:



Session 2:


Session 3:


Session 4:



Session 5: