XK19 IoT Starter kit: Support materials

The XK19 IoT Starter kit from XinaBox is the perfect way to build your first IoT project.

The kit was put together to give you everything you need to build an IoT edge device that collects environmental data and to which an actuator can be attached for automation projects. There are many ways to connect up the xChips and the Raspberry Pi bridge allows you to add them to your RPi to build two separate, connected instruments. There is an example in the Getting Started section below that will show how to use the kit to get connected to the Cloud.

One way of assembling the XK19 IoT Starter kit from XinaBox

One way that you could assemble the components of the kit. 

This page has links to a range of materials that will show you how to do all sorts of different things with your kit. And check back - we’re adding more stuff all the time.

Getting started:

We've put together a set of instructions that you can follow to build a weather station with an OLED display which transmits data to an ATT (All Things Talk) IoT platform. Optionally the actuator can be attached to a Raspberry Pi to allow a DC device to be controlled via the same dashboard. Use this as the basis for all sorts of home automation projects: e.g. control a fan / air conditioner or heater based on temperature / humidity.

All the instructions are listed step-by-step here.

The XK19 kit from XinaBox assembled and ready to connect to the ATT IoT platform

The instruments that you will build in the project linked to above  


There is a growing body of experiments that you can use your XK19 to conduct:

Projects that use the xChips in the kit:

The CW02 Wi-Fi & BLE xChip is also a ‘core’, which means you can flash code directly on to it using a variety of code editors. Below is a list of projects that you can follow using the xChips in the XK19 kit:

Make your own 3D printed enclosures:

Why not build an enclosure for your XK19 kit?

Use the XinaBox enclosure design app to design a bespoke enclosure for your kit that you can print on a 3D printer.

Learn more about the xChips:

Whilst the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts, each of the xChips in the XK19 kit can be used separately in a number of different ways:

Going further with the XK19 and XinaBox:

The CW02 Wi-Fi and BLE core can be coded using a broad range of editors / platforms, as the projects above showed.  But you can use the xChips in the kit with a broad range of other development boards - all you need is the right bridge. Check out the full range of development boards that have XinaBox bridges.

There are over 80 xChips in our range, with more being added all the time. Extend your kit with all sorts of capabilities and functions, including:

And loads more - check out the full range of xChips.