XinaBox CTE Mission Support Workshops

Introduction to CubeSat design - seven free workshops delivered virtually, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (USA Eastern Time).

XinaBox is presenting workshops to give background and support to teachers, schools and students wanting to participate in the challenge.

Workshop 1 - Tuesday 8th September 2020

Topics to be covered are:

  • The various missions CubeSats have performed to date
  • Ideas from the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Introduction to CubeSat operations, the fundamentals to consider like seniors, power, CPU, communication
  • Recommendations of further topics

The video of the first workshop can be found here.

Workshop 2 - Thursday 10th September 2020

The agenda will be:
  • Guest speaker - Ted Tagami
  • Communication options and how these impact data budgets
  • Engineering model options and experiments
  • Recommendations of further topics

Please watch the video from the 2nd Workshop.

Workshop 3 - Tuesday 15th September 2020

Beginning with the end in mind:
  • Guest speaker - Mike Miller
  • Everything FCC all want you to conform to
  • Session 2 of 2 - Communication options and how these impact data budgets
  • Recommendations of further topics

About our guest:

Mike Miller is the owner of Sterk Solutions.  He has been actively supporting licensing of small spacecraft for 15 years, and has helped to get more than 100 small spacecraft to orbit.  He has worked with Experimental, University, Amateur, Commercial and Federal radio licensing, and has helped to obtain numerous remote sensing licenses.  Mike lives in Montana in the USA, where they have been "socially distancing since 1889" by virtue of the geography, and he has been working remotely for what he says, is almost that long.

Workshop video link.

Workshop 4 - Thursday 17th September 2020

Electrical Power Subsystems:

  • Power considerations
  • The trade-offs that we need to make when designing our payload
  • Recommendations of further topics

Workshop video link.