XinaBox is modular electronics for developing, making products and learning

We produce a range of 70+ modular xChip", which include cores/CPUs, sensors, power, communication, output, and storage, using a connectivity standard without wires, soldering, breadboards or hardware knowledge. See this short video on XinaBox’s xChips.


Internet of Things (IoT) applications

XinaBox's modular hardware helps clients prototype quickly, test, and build products. We also offer customised production runs. Here is a brief intro video to the modular xChips range: 

XinaBox allows users to:
1. prototype rapidly, significantly improving time to market

2. prototype cheaply, thereby also facilitating scaled beta testing

3. be robust and cheap enough to be used as a final hardware product for small run projects

4. produce customised runs for finished products


Learning applications

XinaBox is used in secondary schools and colleges in several countries, including the US. We have classroom syllabus, lessons and a learning management system to support implementation. Below is a collection of three short videos on our impact in the education segment, the first a feature on us by The Big Story.