XinaBox: modular electronics for learners and professionals

Here at XinaBox (pronounced "X in a box") we produce a range of 80+ modular "xChips", which includes cores/CPUs, sensors, power, communication, output, and storage.

xChips can be clipped together using a connectivity standard without wires, soldering or breadboards: no hardware knowledge is required to build digital instruments with XinaBox.

This short video provides an overview of the XinaBox system:

Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Our Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LoRaWAN cores are designed to make it as easy as possible to get connected to the Internet of Things, and we've teamed up with several IoT providers to make the experience as smooth and user-friendly as possible:

Partners we work with to provide IoT solutions

Getting connected with our XK01 kit is simple and requires no pre-knowledge: the quick start guide shows you how to connect to an IoT platform within 20 minutes of unpacking the box. We've even setup and provided a free IoT platform you can use, so all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and login details to get started.

Whether you want to build and code your IoT applications from scratch. or use the pre-compiled code we supply, getting started on IoT is a lot easier with XinaBox.

Learning applications

XinaBox is used in secondary schools and colleges in countries across the world, including the US, UK and South Africa.

The ease with which XinaBox can be used to build digital tools means that precious learning time is not spent wiring or soldering. Outside of the IT lab our pre-compiled code libraries ensure that these tools can be setup quickly and without specialist knowledge. And if coding is your thing you can choose from a broad range of platforms to program your xChips: block coding in maker.makecode, microPython in Mu, Python in Zerynth, ArduinoIDE, Raspbian Lite and many other leading platforms are supported.

Read more about our educational offering or check the videos below to see how school children in the US and South Africa found a very interesting and exciting use for their xChips:



Rapid prototype development

XinaBox's modular hardware aids rapid prototype development by ensuring you can design, build and test products quickly. XinaBox will help you in a number of ways:

  1. prototype rapidly, significantly improving time to market.
  2. prototype cheaply, thereby also facilitating scaled beta testing.
  3. be robust and cheap enough to be used as a final hardware product for small run projects.
  4. produce customised runs for finished products.

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