XinaBox supports all of Microsoft recommended development platforms for IoT developers. These are split between two environments: (1) Windows 10 IoT Core, and (2) Azure IoT Workbench.


(1) Windows 10 IoT Core

Microsoft caters for a number of Single Board Computers (SBCs) in their release of Windows 10 IoT Core. We have bridges to connect XinaBox's eco-system seamlessly to many of the most popular SBCs on Microsoft's list.

XinaBox's Raspberry Pi Bridge (BR01) and the Raspberry Pi Interface (IR01) support:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 (1.2 not supported)

  • Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+

  • AAEON Up Squared

The DragonBoard 410c and all other 96Boards are supported by the 96Board Bridge (B901). Read more here:

The MinnowBoard Turbot is supported by the Low Speed Bridge (BL01

These bridges allows you to connect XinaBox xChips to all Microsoft recommended boards, and will work while running Windows 10 IoT Core, or Linux or for some, Android. However, please note no specific libraries is provided to these development environments, but many are supported by Microsoft's own libraries.


(2) Azure IoT Workbench

Microsoft's release of IoT Workbench (as part of Visual Studio Code) suggests a number of development platforms, which XinaBox supports:

MXChip IoT DevKit (AZ3166): connects through our Micro:Bit Bridge (BM01).

Raspberry Pi: Supported with the Raspberry Pi Bridge (BR01) and the Raspberry Pi Interface (IR01).

ESP32: Our CW02 (Wireless Core) is based on the ESP32. Connect it with IP01 or IP02, and you have a full fledged solution.

Note the teXXmo IoT button is a consumer and closed product, and there isn't able to take an interface.


We are continuously expanding our hardware support for the Microsoft Software Development platform especially on IoT, but also in Education and STEM (including Micro:Bit).