micro:bit ready: SW01 Weather Sensor

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What does it do?

The SW01 weather station measures:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure

And using these measures the SW01 extension can provide the following derived measures:

  • Dewpoint
  • Altitude (by density and pressure)
  • Cloud base 

Loading the MakeCode extension:

To write code for the SW01 in MakeCode you will need to load the SW01 extension:

  • Open MakeCode and start a new project
  • Click on Extensions
  • Type in XinaBox
  • Click on the search icon
  • Select the SW01 tile

Hello world:

One of the most simple programs you can write with the SW01 will display temperature or humidity or pressure on the micro:bit 5x5 LED display.  As long as you've imported the SW01 extension the code below will turn your micro:bit into a barometer:


Remember to attach your SW01 to your micro:bit before running the code. 

How-to Guides:

The micro:bit 5x5 LED screen is not ideal for displaying sensor readings, but the micro:bit can easily be upgraded to a 64x128 OLED monochrome monitor - the OD01 from XinaBox 

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