micro:bit ready: using 3rd party kit

The XinaBox system includes more than 80 xChips and is growing all the time: you really don't need to use any other ecosystem for almost all of your needs.

But we understand that a lot of micro:bit users already have peripherals.  Indeed, many of you told us that you want to be able to use XinaBox in conjunction with other kit: 3rd party sensors, displays, LEDs etc...  

... and we listened:

Introducing the IX01 Breakout: a handy little breakout board that will allow you add XinaBox to your existing toolkit.  Now you can add microSD support, or Wi-Fi, or perhaps even GPS or LoRa to your repertoire and supercharge your capabilities.

The IX01 connecting a standard distance sensor with XinaBox + micro:bit

Its all explained by the inventor of XinaBox in the video below. 

If you are comfortable with breadboards, cables, resistors etc then you should find the IX01 very easy to use.  If you are not, then why not look at the broader XinaBox ecosystem, which does not require a degree in electronics or experience as a tinkerer!

The IX01 allows you to use PIN0 and PIN1 on the micro:bit to address connected peripherals, as shown in the pin diagram below:

Note: some xChips use PIN0 and PIN1, so you may need a bit of trial and error to find out which pin is available.  

Find out more about XinaBox: