micro:bit ready: CW01 Wi-Fi

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What does it do?

The CW01 is a programmable core with onboard Wi-Fi. You could code it directly in Python, ArduinoIDE and a range of other programming environments.

When combined with a BBC micro:bit it adds Wi-Fi capabilities: connect your micro:bit to the Internet of Things (IoT) and access cloud services. You can even hook it up to a Machine Learning service and build real AI applications with your micro:bit.

The CW01 has to be running the AT Instruction set to add Wi-Fi to your micro:bit. If it is flashed with any other program it won't work with the micro:bit. When you buy an XK05 IoT Kit for micro:bit the CW01 comes flashed with the right code.

If you have bought a CW01 separately, or if you have flashed other code onto your CW01, please contact us and we'll explain what you need to do.

Loading the MakeCode extension:

To write code to use the CW01 in MakeCode you will need to load the CW01 extension:

  • Open MakeCode and start a new project
  • Click on Extensions
  • Type in XinaBox/pxt-cw01
  • Click on search
  • Select the CW01 tile

How-to Guides:

To use the CW01 and a micro:bit to connect to the IoT you will need an IM01 bridge.

The combination of the CW01 and the IM01 makes up the XK05 IoT kit.

All the how-to-guides and instructions that you need to connect your micro:bit to the IoT can be found on the XK05 support materials page.

Examples using Wi-Fi:

The XK05 support materials page outlines a broad range of applications that people have built using their micro:bit and a CW01, including:


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