BBC micro:bit

The XinaBox range currently includes over 70 sensors, bridges, cores, interfaces and other types of peripherals, and it is growing all the time. These ‘xChips’ will help you to super-charge your BBC micro:bit:

Build simple and complex circuits quickly and easily. The modular system allows you to connect xChips like Lego - anyone can build a circuit in seconds, with no need for soldering irons, breadboards or consumables. And when you are done, disassemble the circuit and start again! This reusability across multiple classes makes our range a very economic choice for educators.

Inventing and prototyping. Our system makes it easier to prototype ideas. No fiddling with wires or running out of pins.

Cross-platform. It doesn’t matter if you have a BBC micro:bit, a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any number of other boards. The XinaBox range works with all of the leading EdTech microprocessors. With xChips you only need 1 set of peripherals for all your learning platforms.

IoT. At XinaBox we believe that it is essential to teach young learners about IoT, in particular the way that it unlocks data analysis with big data sets in the classroom. We offer a broad range of connectivity options (including Wi-fi and LoRa), as well as seamless integration into a variety of apps and IoT tools like Blynk, Ubidots, Microsoft Azure, Kibana.

Resources. Our range is supported by a rich and growing body of great resources, including DIY tutorials / projects, lesson guides and open source software.

Getting started with XinaBox and BBC micro:bit:

To use XinaBox xChips with the BBC micro:bit you will need a special connector, called a bridge.

There are two bridges that can be used to connect xChips to a BBC micro:bit:

If you buy an xChip to use with your BBC micro:bit you only need 1 bridge per micro:bit. You can fit any number of xChips to a single bridge

STEM BBC micro:bit Kit (XK04)
Contains much of the same kit that was included in the thinsat satellites: measure UV, light, humidity and more and view them all on the compact 64x128 OLED screen. With a servo and intelligent battery, this kit provides all a young inventor needs to create endless projects, experiments and prototypes.
This kit includes the necessary bridge for the micro:bit.


Once you have a bridge, you could connect a BBC micro:bit to any of our xChips. There could be some very interesting potential combinations! The most popular ones amongst educators and young inventors are listed below (but you can see the full range of xChips here)

OD01 - OLED Display: A thumb-nail sized 64x128 pixel OLED display that can display any graphics or text.

SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor: Monitors humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature

SL01 - UVA, UVB, Light Sensor: Measures UV light levels (both UVA and UVB) as well as luminosity.

OC05 - Servo Driver: Drive and accurately control up to 8 servo motors and act as a system power supply. Includes 8 standard servo headers and a standard battery input header.

On each product page you will find links to examples, projects, lesson plans and resources. Below are a few examples of the materials available for micro:bit and XinaBox:

Valentine’s day beating heart

IoT based quiz

Micro:bit weather station

Panic button that triggers an SMS