xChips allow you to easily add functionality to your BBC Micro:Bit. Connecting through our Micro:Bit bridge (only $9.95), xChips come in a vast range, covering sensor inputs (like light, temperature, barometric pressure, gases), output devices (including OLED screen, solid state relay), as well as communication technologies like WiFi and LoRa. 

To get started quickly, we recommend trying our Micro:Bit kit. We currently support users with the following libraries:

with the following to be added over the coming months (please contact us):

  • SL06 (gesture sensor)
  • RL0x (LoRa)
  • SU01 (digital input)
  • SU02 (digital input)
  • SX01 (analogue input)
  • SX02 (analogue input)
  • SH01 (capacative touch)
  • SG33 (gas sensor)

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