ISS 2021 mission

This guide is supported by a video, which you can view here.

    Follow the directions below to get your ISS2021 kit up and running.

    XK01 kit:

    xChip Function
    CW01 Core for software processing
    OD01 Optional: OLED display for debugging
    IP01 A New or Old IP01
    SW01 Weather Sensor
    SL01 Not used in the ISS kit: Light Sensor
    MD01 Optional: Blank xChip for stability
    XC10 10x Big/xBus connectors


    Extra xChips for the ISS 2021 kit:

    xChip Function
    SG33 TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound Sensor)
    and eCO2 (estimated CO2 level Sensor)
    SG35 Particulate Matter Sensor (PM1,PM2.5, and PM10)


    Steps for preparing the ISS 2021 kit:

    • Install XinaBox Uploader. If you can't get XinaBox Uploader to work, then follow this tutorial to install the CW01 in Arduino. Close Arduino and try again.
    • Assemble the above hardware. Tip: consider putting the SW01 and SG33 north of the SG35 (like in this picture), so the fan in the SG35 makes air movement over the sensors.

    • Insert the hardware into the USB port
    • Open XinaBoxUploader
    • Using the dropdown, select the “ISS2021” application
    • Click “FLASH
    • At provisioning fill in the form with WiFi SSID, WiFi secret, and a Unique Name for your kit.

    See your data on the dashboard:

    • Goto
    • Login username and password on request.
    • Remember this is a sandbox area: Everybody has access to all the data and all your work, as you have access to their work, so save your work under your name and don't delete or modify other users work.
    1. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the default index (database)
    2. Choose "iss2021"
    3. If you only want to see your data, then type your unique name for your kit in the search bar and press enter.
    • YouTube and the Internet is full of Kibana (the software we use) tutorials. This dashboard is locked to version 5.3.0, so search for "Kibana 5". Here is a random YouTube video to start with.
    • Enjoy!

    Extra optional stuff

    Below is stuff that you can consider for rainy afternoon....

    3D Frame for the ISS 2021 Kit:

    You can use our 3D Enclosure Designer for designing a ground station enclosure,

      Retrieve data to your own Dashboard:

      The data is uploaded to the XinaBox MQTT server, which give anonymous access to all data uploaded.
      • MQTT Server:
      • MQTT Port: 80 or 1883
      • MQTT Username/Password: n/a
      • MQTT Topic:  x/data/iss2021/CHIPID
      Replace CHIPID with the CHIPID of your CW01. You see the CHIPID on the XinaBox Dashboard and by selecting the higher level topic x/data/iss2021/# and search for your device name in {"Unit Name":"your_device_name"}. The Data arrives a s JSON formatted data.

      See the data on the console

      Install the CW01 in Arduino as per above. Open Arduino and choose the Serial Port where you have inserted the ISS kit:

      1. Choose the XinaBox CW01 board.
      2. Choose the correct Serial Port.
      3. Click on this symbol to open the serial console.

      1. Set the Baud rate to 115200.
      Have fun!