Modular Hardware for Building Devices and IoT

XinaBox is a modular hardware system for developing, prototyping, and small runs of electronics - perfect for IoT.


XinaBox allows users to:

1. prototype rapidly, significantly improving time to market

2. prototype cheaply, thereby also facilitating scaled beta testing

3. be robust and cheap enough to be used as a final hardware product for small run projects

4. produce customised runs for finished products


We produce a range of 70+ modular "xChips", which include cores/CPUs, sensors, power, communication, output, and storage, using a connectivity standard without wires, soldering, breadboards or hardware knowledge. Also, instead of requiring the use of specific Single Board Computers (SBCs) or Micro Controller Units (MCUs), we offer flexibility to use industry standard cores, clones, or interfaces to Raspberry Pi (including the Zero), Beagleboard, Dragonboard, Minnowboard and even Micro:bit (more for education).


Software and Cloud Integration

XinaBox connects easily to cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and operating systems like Mongoose-OS, NodeMCU, RTOS.

XinaBox also connects easily to MQTT servers, including our own, if needed. 

xChip gateways provide for RPC services that implement BLE and WiFi client and server (GATTC and GATTS) capabilities. Invoking an RPC service remotely, via the secure Google IoT Core MQTT service, allows the gateway to be  managed as a BLE device. 

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