Building instruments with the CS11: an environmental monitor

  • This instrument will measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and air quality, including CO2 levels.
  • Readings for these measures are shown on the OLED display.
  • Readings are also saved in csv format onto the microSD card.

    Hardware requirements:

    To use the code available on this page you will need to have the following hardware:

      The hardware that the code is designed to run with is shown above and listed below.

      • A CS11 microprocessor with microSD card slot.
      • A formatted microSD card
      • An SW02 advanced weather sensor.
      • An OD01 OLED display (which you can omit if you don't have one)
      • An IP03 (or IP02) and a USB cable to connect it to your computer for power and also to allow you to flash the code onto the CS11
      • Connectors: 1 xPDI and 3 xBus connectors.:

      Setting up the hardware:

      The instrument that you will build to run this code could look like this (although the xChips can be connected in a few other ways too):

      A data gathering tool built with the CS11 core. Data from the SW02 is recorded to the SD card and output to the OLED display

      This How-to guide will take you through the process of setting up your CS11 data logger. 


      The code you need to build an environmental monitor is available for you to download from our GitHub repositoryYou don't need to register for anything - its all freely available and you won't need to enter any details. Just click that link and it will take you to a public page where you will see the following:

      You can choose either MSE2SW.uf2 or UPDATE.bin - both are files with the pre-compiled code that you need.  The difference is in how you flash the file onto the CS11:

      • UPDATE.bin: copy and paste this file onto your microSD card, insert the card into the CS11 then power it up.
      • MSE2SW.uf2: connect the IP03 to the CS11, plug the IP03 into your computer then drag-and-drop this file onto the CS11 (note - if the CS11 does not show up in your explorer view click the reset button once or twice).

      Using the instrument for data science:

      Please check out our CS11 Data Science page for ideas and experiments that you can use this instrument with.