Alexa SW01 Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensing with Alexa and SW01
Instructions on setting Sinric pro for Alexa

Hardware Required:
  • CW01
  • IP01
  • SW01

  1. Open
  2. Login to your account or create a new one:
  1. Add new device:

  1. Name your device and select “Temperature Sensor” device type:

  2. Choose your notification settings and click save:

  3. Device is now created and should be displayed on device tab:

  1. Copy and save Device App Key and App Secret from Credentials tab:

  1. Copy and save Device ID from Devices tab:

  1. Install Sinric Pro skill to your Alexa
  2. Discover new devices and add temperature sensor from Sinric Pro.
  3. Create new group and add the temperature sensor to it, name it “Living Room”:

  4. Flash Alexa SW01 Temperature Sensor using XinaBox Uploader and provision your device with necessary credentials:

  5. Now say to Alexa “Temperature of Living Room please”