About us

XinaBox is a rapid electronics development platform for developing, making products and learning. Without soldering, wiring, breadboarding, or hardware knowledge, the developer can assemble a circuit in a matter of minutes, and get straight to coding.

xChips are standard sizes (multiples of 32x32mm), fully interchangeable, reusable scalable and robust.

XInaBox is agnostic to your choice of core, Single Board Computer (SBC), or programming environment. We offer industry standard cores, and bridges to all popular SBCs, including Raspberry Pi, Minnowboard, Beaglebone, Micro:bit, Pixhawk and 96boards formats. For example, rather than bridging to Arduino, we offer compatible cores for Arduino Uno, the CC01, and for Arduino Zero, the CC03.

xChips utilise I2C, and due to this bus architecture, unlimited expansion of circuits is possible. We avoid limitations to the number of possible addresses through multiplexers. 

Our low cost comes in form of modules, we call them xChips, that doesn't contain any connectors, which traditionally are the most expensive component on small PCBs, due to their high content of metal. Instead the connector is a loose unit, that only needs to be used where a connection is wanted.

It is important to understand that this eco system doesn't feature standard 2.54 mm (0.1") solder point or headers on the xChips in general. If you want to use this eco system with a breadboard solution or connect them otherwise using standard 2.54 mm headers, then take a look at our IXxx range of interfaces.

Because of its simple connection method, it is easy to build quickly - for prototyping and small product runs.

We will help you by advising on which xChips to use, and also offer customised production and pricing for higher volume runs of finished products.

    Use XinaBox to reduce development costs and time to market.