XK05 - micro:bit IoT Kit

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The XinaBox micro:bit IoT Kit (XK05) includes everything you need to connect your BBC micro:bit to the cloud. It is designed to make it easy for micro:bit users with no prior experience to get started with IoT.

Your micro:bit slides easily into the supplied bridge (the IM01 xChip), then add W-Fi by clipping the CW01 xChip onto the bridge using one of the connectors provided. Power it up by plugging a USB cable into the IM01 - the instrument can be built in seconds and no hardware knowledge is required. It’s just as easy to code it too: load the CW01 extension into MakeCode and use block coding to turn your XK05 + micro:bit into a smart IoT edge device.

The IM01 also has a slot on the back where you can add a microSD card. Connect your micro:bit to the IM01 and flash the supplied code to create a powerful data logger that can record .csv files several gigabytes large, bringing big-data potential to the micro:bit. Unlock data science experimentation with this cool feature.

And there is even a green / blue LED on the IM01 that you can control using the MakeCode IM01 extension.

Kit contents
1 x CW01-AT - Wi-Fi Core (ESP8266/ESP-12F)
1 x IM01 - micro:bit Interface
1 x XC02 - 2-Pack xBUS Connectors