SN01 - GNSS (GPS) (NEO-6M)

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This xCHIP is equipped with a NEO-6M GPS receiver. The 50-channel u-blox 6 positioning engine boasts a Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF) of under 1 second. The dedicated acquisition engine, with 2 million correlators, is capable of massive parallel time/frequency space searches, enabling it to find satellites instantly. Innovative design and technology suppresses jamming sources and mitigates multipath effects, giving the NEO-6 GPS receivers excellent navigation performance even in the most challenging environments.

Product Highlights

  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Accuracy
  • GPS


  • 50 Channels
  • GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code
  • Cold Start2 27 s
  • Warm Start2 27 s
  • Hot Start2 1 s
  • Aided Starts3 <3 s
  • Tracking & Navigation -161 dBm
  • Reacquisition5 -160 dBm
  • Cold Start (without aiding) -147 dBm
  • Hot Start -156 dBm
  • Maximum Navigation update rate 5 Hz
  • Configurable Timepulse frequency range 0.25 Hz to 1 kHz
  • All satellites at -130 dBm


NEO-6M Datasheet