SL01 - UVA, UVB, Light (VEML6075 & TSL4531)

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This xCHIP forms part of the sensor modules and is equipped with a light sensor that is capable of measuring the luminosity (Wide Dynamic Range — 3 lux to 220k lux) (visual brightness), UVA and UVB radiation. The light sensor converts solar UV light intensity to digital data and has displayed reliable performance of UV radiation measurement inner long time solar UV exposure. It has a very low power consumption. 

Product Highlights

  • UVA, UVB and visible light sensor
  • Simple Direct Lux Output
  • Based on VEML6075/TSL4531


  • Outdoor Lighting Control
    1. Street Lights
    2. Security Lights
    3. Traffic Signals
    4. Commercial Billboards
  • Display Backlight Control
    1. Automotive Instrumentation
    2. Cell Phones
    3. Tablets and Notebooks
  • Solid-State and General Lighting and Daylight Harvesting
    1. Commercial Lighting
    2. Industrial Lighting


  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Output type: I2C bus
  • Peak Sensitivity UVA, UVB(nm):365, 330
  • Wide Dynamic Range — 3 lux to 220k lux
  • Simple Direct Lux Output
  • Three User-Selectable Integration Times (400 ms, 200 ms, and 100 ms)


VEML6075 Datasheet

TSL4531 Datasheet