XK90 - CubeSat XinaBox Kit

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The CubeSat Kit facilitates the integration of all XinaBox components (xChips) into the CubeSat format, using the standard CubeSat hardware standard.

The XK90 CubeSat Kit allows you to build a full CubeSat:
- with all the convenience of xChips - no soldering, wiring, breadboarding or lab equipment needed
- requiring no electronics or hardware knowledge
- providing a much cheaper and more accessible way of building a CubeSat (our kit costs $499.95!)
- with easy availability, allowing you to avoid long lead times

This kit has been developed for engineering model tests and CubeSat simulations. Additional xChips, from our 80+ range, can be added to suit specific design requirements. Components selected for this kit demonstrate a broad range of capabilities, ideal for the learning and experimentation environments. Please get in touch if you are interested in advice on further specification.

Kit composition:

Flight Station:

Ground station:

How it works:

Whether you use the XinaBox CubeSat in the classroom exclusively, or you fly your CubeSat on a party balloon, hot air balloon, or high altitude mission, on board space craft such as Blue Origin's New Shepard, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo or the International Space Station, or get lucky enough to launch it into space, building a CubeSat is easy. XinaBox allows you to realise the IKEA effect, feeling proud of building and programming your own satellite from scratch.

Here's an introductory video on the kit ...

 ... and a guide to assembly.