XK01 - STEM Starter Kit

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Kit contents
1 x CW01 - Wi-Fi Core (ESP8266/ESP-12F)
1 x IP01 - USB Programming Interface (FT232R)
1 x OD01 - OLED Display 128x64 (SSD1306)
1 x MD01 - Blank
1 x SL01 - UVA, UVB, Light (VEML6075 & TSL4531)
1 x SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor (BME280)
1 x XC10 - 10-Pack xBUS Connectors

How it works
The STEM Starter XK01 includes sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, visible, UVA and UVB light. A Core xChip (ESP8266), mini-OLED display, blank chip, connectors and a programming interface (which also acts as a USB power source) complete the device.
This kit comes with ready to load Arduino code for an indoor environment monitor, plus access to a free data dashboard and MQTT server to send your data to the cloud.
XinaBox's xChip CW01 is Microsoft Azure approved, so connection to the cloud is guaranteed to be quick and easy!