The micro:bit send-a-smile network

With the XinaBox XK05 IoT Starter kit you can use our MQTT MakeCode blocks to connect to any MQTT service, which gives you almost unlimited access to the IoT.  With MakeCode and the XK05 it is relatively easy to write bespoke apps to connect to IoT using MQTT.

But there is another way for micro:bit users to consume IoT services, which is enabled by having access to persistent memory.  A micro:SD card can be added to the IM01 micro:bit bridge, included in the XK05, which allows us to specify configuration data outside of the app..

The micro:bit send-a-smile network is a pre-compiled 'app':

  • Download the app and flash it onto your micro:bit.  No editing required.
  • Add config (in text files) to your microSD card, specifying parameters such as Wi-Fi SSID, password and your friends list.
  • Send your friends a smile and brighten their day :)

Its very quick and easy to setup, and it is VERY cool to receive a smile when you are not expecting one! Read how you can set up a send-a-smile network with your friends here

ATTRIBUTION: We became aware of the idea of an app-store for micro:bit with pre-compiled IoT based apps that give access to different service based on an idea first detailed by Gary Cornelius in the micro:bit Slack channel.  

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