XinaBox XK05 and micro:bit Powered Punchbag

XinaBox XK05 and micro:bit Powered Punchbag

Are you training / working out with a punchbag?  If so, here's a simple way to use IoT to track and record how well you are doing.

We have taped a BBC micro:bit with the XK05 micro:bit kit to the back of a punchbag to allow you to record how hard you can bash it. This rig records acceleration and uses Wi-Fi to transmit the data to the Ubidots IoT dashboard: data showing the force applied to the punch bag is updated and displayed in real time.

The project allows 2 people to compare their punch-power (or perhaps one person to compare right and left handed punches) - all the details you need to replicate it can be found on this Wakelet (which is a kind of pin-board).

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