XinaBox revolutionizes BBC micro:bit functionality (press release)

XinaBox revolutionizes BBC micro:bit functionality (press release)

XinaBox, producer of an innovative educational technology ecosystem, today launched revolutionary functionality for the BBC micro:bit, bringing easy IoT and SD card based data logging capabilities to a community of over 4 million learners.

BBC micro:bits are utilized in educational computer science, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and natural science programmes across primary, secondary and third level educational institutions. XinaBox’s interface brings ground-breaking functionality to:

  • Connect micro:bit via WiFi to the Internet of Things, gather sensor data, and control devices via the cloud
  • Record data to SD card, ready for analysis

The interface is supplied in two core XinaBox kits, the XK05 micro:bit IoT kit and XK04 micro:bit STEM kit, (

There has been much anticipation from the IoT and STEM community in advance of today’s launch, with Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Chief Technology Officer for UK & Ireland, and co-inventor of MQTT, commenting: “This is really cool!  It adds Wi-Fi and an MQTT client to a humble micro:bit and puts powerful, easy-to-use IoT technologies into the hands of the next generation of engineers.” 

Commenting on the launch, Daniel Berman, CEO of XinaBox said: “XinaBox’s new kits turbo-charge the micro:bit experience, by empowering users to take their micro:bit to the next level - from creating digital tools as part of STEM curricula activities, to smart devices connected to the Internet of Things.”

The new XinaBox kits (XK05 IoTand XK04 STEM) for micro:bit: 

  • Make it quick and easy to connect your micro:bit to an IoT platform.
  • Connect to MQTT servers, and are tailored to work with 3 leading IoT platforms ALSO AllThingsTalk, Azure and Ubidots.
  • Use light and weather sensors to investigate the natural world and undertake experiments / lessons (XK04 STEM).
  • With the OC05 servo driver you can control a servo motor and build automation projects.
  • The OD01 OLED display is great for showing data / diagnostics.


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