XinaBox: removing barriers to building CubeSats

XinaBox: removing barriers to building CubeSats

Following the launch of our xChips into space on 41 ThinSats in April 2019, we are excited to bring a new affordable and flexible solution to building CubeSats!
The XK90 CubeSat Kit allows you to build a full CubeSat:
- with all the convenience of xChips - no soldering, wiring, breadboarding or lab equipment needed
- requiring no electronics or hardware knowledge
- providing a much cheaper and more accessible way of building a CubeSat (our kit costs $499.95!)
- with easy availability, allowing you to avoid long lead times


Whether you are just looking to build a simulator, an engineering model, or you want to build the real thing, xChips will help you to keep costs down, prototype quickly and flexibly. For instance, you can try alternative IMUs or temperature sensors in our range - the photo above shows prototyping with xChips SL01 and SL19.

Here's an introductory video explaining the kit concept ...

 ... and a guide to assembly.

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