XinaBox lands on MakeCode

XinaBox lands on MakeCode

At XinaBox we provide support for our cores to be coded in as many programming environments as possible. From Mu to Zerynth and from ArduinoIDE to Raspbian Lite, there are loads of great platforms to choose from.

Now we've added block coding using the free online Maker.MakeCode IDE from Microsoft. And it has support for JavaScript too.

Building sophisticated digital instruments has always been very easy with XinaBox, and now coding them can be just as easy:

Full listing of a block-code program to display temperature data on an OLED screen

Right now you can use Maker.MakeCode to program the CC03 and the CS11 cores. And loads of our xChips are supported too: - check out GitHub for our pxt libraries, with more currently in development.

Everything you need to know is outlined in this video:


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