XinaBox book: introducing data science

XinaBox book: introducing data science

When it comes to media and news it seems like everyone has an agenda: does anyone trust any news source to be impartial and free of bias?  Is it even possible to report on news in a manner that is 100percent objective?

Whatever the answer is, it is important for all of us, as consumers of news (indeed, of information / data in general), to be data literate:

Understanding how data is used helps to inoculate us from being fooled / controlled, and a critical mass of data literate citizens provides a society with herd-immunity against manipulation and stupidity.

Our COO Philip, in conjunction with Apress and Pradeeka Seneviratne, have crafted a book that focusses on introducing data science.  The book is presented as a narrative journey that covers a range of key concepts that will help the reader develop their data literacy whilst learning real world data science skills.  The journey starts with using a simple analogue thermometer to investigate measurement error and builds organically on that, culminating with an IoT enabled weather station that uses Machine Learning to predict the likelihood of rain.  

The BBC micro:bit and XinaBox hardware are used to investigate and use increasingly complex technologies in practical activities and experiments that will help you build a broad and sophisticated set of skills. 

The book is published by Apress and is available through all the big book sellers in paperback or e-book format (ISBN: 978-1-4842-5765-4), and also from the Apress site.  In addition, we have put together a kit that includes the XinaBox hardware required to follow the narrative: check out the XK98 Companion Kit.

  • Title: Beginning Data Science, IoT, and AI on Single Board Computers
  • Sub-title: Core Skills and Real-World Application with the BBC micro:bit and XinaBox
  • Authors: Philip Meitiner and Pradeeka Seneviratne

Read more about the book in the author's blurb.

Find out more about XinaBox.

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