XinaBox presenting at Microsoft EduDays

XinaBox presenting at Microsoft EduDays

It has been just over a month since we became a Microsoft partner (Education Specialist). The highlight so far has been joining Microsoft's EduDay events in 3 countries, being given the opportunity to showcase our technology and ground-breaking Data Science / IoT / AI curriculum we'll be rolling out in the new year with Microsoft.

Its always a pleasure to meet teachers and talk about our ecosystem, and these events gave us the opportunity to show how XinaBox can be used in the classroom. And not just the computer science lab: we are on a mission to democratise access to technology, both inside and outside the classroom:

With our ecosystem a geography teacher could use a weather station to teach Gay-Lussac's law, a physics or PE teacher might use an accelerometer to investigate motion and a biology teacher would find loads of applications for our soil moisture monitor. These devices, and tons of others, can be built and ready to use in 1-2 minutes - no hardware or coding knowledge is needed.

The response from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our E2 tour started in South Africa in September: 

From left: Founder Bjarke Gotfredsen, CEO Daniel Berman, Lead Designer Sekgothe Mokhothu and Product Manager Rachel Janse van Rensburg

 The next leg of our trip was Dubai in October:

CEO Daniel Berman leading a workshop in Dubai

After Dubai we were in Ankara, Turkey: 

 CEO Daniel Berman and COO Philip Meitiner on stage in Ankara

We'd like to congratulate Microsoft on pulling together such well organised and engaging events, and thank them for inviting us to attend. 

There is loads of info on social media about the events - just search for #EduDays to find out more.

The session in South Africa was filmed - its long and the quality is not exactly BBC, but it gives you a good idea of what we are trying to achieve and how we intend to go about doing so: 

Read more about our technology and how it can be used to deliver data science solutions in the classroom on our CS11 Data Science webpage.

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