Antares Rocket Successfully Launched Into Orbit

Antares Rocket Successfully Launched Into Orbit

Today is a very exciting, but anxious, day for XinaBox in South Africa in our partnership with Quest For Space...

The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket carrying our kit to the International Space Station (ISS) finally launched from Wallops Island, USA, after missing a few launch windows (due to anomalous sensor readings and poor weather). Next stop: ISS!

If all goes according to plan the rocket should arrive at the ISS on Tue 18th Feb at around 11am South African time (04:00 EST).

Space exploration is dangerous and the rocket will face many hazards as it makes its way through the lonely depths of space towards the ISS. Space weather and dust, sun spot activity, meteor strikes, navigation anomalies - there is so much that can go wrong!  But NASA have been doing this for a long time now, and the effort and skill that's goes into the missions is a testament to human achievement.  Now XinaBox are a part of that story.

Despite all the dangers, we are very optimistic that the rocket will reach the ISS without any issues - watch our blog page for an update.

Read more about it on the Africa Space News website.

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