Launching XinaBox's IoT Starter Kit (XK19)

Launching XinaBox's IoT Starter Kit (XK19)

With our IoT Starter Kit (XK19), you can build an environmental monitoring device and add an actuator to enable automation. Then connect it to an IoT platform, including our partner All Things Talk, for which we have this guide, or use XinaBox Uploader to flash code and provision your device in minutes!

Measure temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. The CW02 can be coded using a broad range of platforms, including ArduinoIDE and Zerynth, and is compatible with NodeMCU and Lua for IoT and cloud-based solution development. Use the relay to control appliances and build smart home automation projects.

The flexibility of our range means that the options you have in your hands are vast. Check out our resources page for some great ideas. This includes a tutorial on building devices in minutes, as well as information on how to use the xChips in different ways.

For confident users we have code libraries for all the xChips in GitHub, and more advanced projects are available on the resources page and Hackster.

The Raspberry Pi bridge allows you to add all the xChips in the kit to your RPi, and you can add several at the same time.

Extend the kit with any of the 80+ xChips in our range. Why not add a battery pack for portability or GPS for geo-tagging. Use the XinaBox Uploader to quickly code and configure your device for our partner IoT platforms. Connect to any service using open protocols like MQTT or HTTP.


You can also buy this kit from our partner OKdo here.

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