Launching an ambitious curriculum in partnership with Microsoft

Launching an ambitious curriculum in partnership with Microsoft

Its official!  Our data science / IoT / AI curriculum kicks off next week with pilots on 2 continents.

We've been developing this with Microsoft for months and the response from participating schools has been overwhelmingly positive.

There are still places for schools to participate in the pilot, which concludes in May. The full program will then be rolled out globally in Q3.

Split over 5 modules the lessons take learners on a journey, from the very beginning of data literacy to the point where they are confident producers and consumers of data and are comfortable working in an IoT / AI / ML environment.

It focusses on getting students engaged with technology and includes a broad range of cross-curricula experiments and activities.  Coding is included, but is not the core focus - we are looking to enable students to use technology in all sorts of ways.

The course is delivered with XinaBox hardware.  We've worked hard to make it as cost effective as possible - its all capex with no follow up costs.  The hardware is robust and lasts for years which can bring the cost per pupil into the low double-digits.

You can find out more about it on this page, including how to get in touch.

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