Introducing the XinaBox 3D printing app

Introducing the XinaBox 3D printing app

Introducing an app that allows you to quickly and easily design bespoke 3D enclosures tailored to your xChip circuits.

A screen-grab of our 3d printing app

With all our focus on interactive and engaging education, XinaBox is delighted to present our 3D printing app. It is very easy to use: you do not need any design skills to build and print enclosures.

Using our app you can design bespoke enclosures for your xChip circuits that can instantly be sent to a 3D printer. And for anyone who has waited hours for something to 3D print only to find it is not right: you can be confident that the designs you make in our app will work perfectly for the configuration of xChips you specify.

A simple 3d printed enclosure

Our app is built to accommodate all the different types of xChip, and these are selected from a drop-down menu for ease of use. Pre-defined settings such as the overall size of the enclosure, standoff sizes and even cutaway sections for the lid allow you to tailor make a unique enclosure suited to your needs. And we've even added support for the BBC micro:bit too.

This new development allows you to teach and learn creative problem-solving in a real life setting along with the critical thinking skills, mathematics and design process techniques that everyone needs in order to be part of the 4th industrial revolution.

Follow this link to our virtual makerspace or check the video below for comprehensive notes on how to use the app: 

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